......to the website of singer-songwriter Mark Bumgarner. Mark is a musician who's work has been described as "pure Southern Americana." Mark has worked primarily as a solo artist since 2005, but has also performed with several national and regional touring bands over the years, including the Nashville based JUBAL FOSTER. He also shares his talents as an emcee throughout the year at local and regional events, including his annual participation at MerleFest, the nations largest Americana music festival.


"Mark Bumgarner is pretty much the definition of Americana."
Tim Stafford / Blue Highway, 2 Time IBMA Songwriter of the Year

"Mark Bumgarner has his feet muddy from Carolina soil. It's as if he were plowing a field, North bound Country, and South bound row Bluegrass. Either direction it's honest and heartfelt."
Radney Foster / Country-Americana Music Artist, Foster & Lloyd                                               



"Just Above The Waterline"

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With the release of “Just Above The Waterline” Mark masterfully summarizes a nearly 20 year span of his life. Threading together an expansive tapestry of experiences, this solo venture by the Western North Carolina mainstay stands out as his most dynamic work to date. Equal parts inquisitive and wise, the new release proves that even veteran artist still bear the same curiosity as their newly blooming counterparts. Earnest yet refined, “Just Above The Waterline” is a mature followup to Mark's previous projects. Though the album is stuffed with deeply personal musings on life the material is wholly relatable. In true “songwriter's songwriter” fashion, Mark has managed to tap into the universal sentiments and create a mirror in which listeners can see themselves in his work. At its core, “Just Above the Waterline” is the story of an artist that never quite feels finished, and proves that the term “work in progress” is a badge one should wear proudly - especially when it leads to musical triumphs like this.